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Endometrial Receptivity Map (ER Map, ERA test)

It is a new personalized test to diagnose the receptivity status of the endometrium during the window of implantation (WOI). These tests are able to identify the best endometrial moment for an embryo to be transferred, increasing the chances of successful implantation and pregnancy. ER Map® and ERA test are molecular diagnostic tools based on the expression analysis of genes with functional relevance in the process of endometrial receptivity and the immunological response associated to successful embryo implantation.

All patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatment can benefit from the precise determination of the WOI. Approximately 30% of patients have a displaced WOI. This test can be useful even in patients with no apparent endometrial problems, normal uterus and normal endometrial thickness. The ER Map® is recommended especially in couples who have experienced failed cycles or pregnancy loss after the transfer of good quality embryos.

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